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  PT. Dian Pusaka
Kami hadir di seluruh Indonesia, setiap Propinsi, Kabupaten dan Kecamatan.
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  Vision & Mission
√  Being the best solutions for customers in the field of Service Delivery / Distribution
√  Giving benefits to customers by providing effective and efficient service
√   The focus of serving customers and uphold professionalism as a reference work

√   Assist the Government in creating jobs
√   Participate in the promotion of economic activities
√   Increasing economic dignity for the owners and employees
√   Being a company that obey the rule of law
PT. Dian Pusaka
Jln. Malaka Baru Raya No. 7 Pondok Kopi-Duren Sawit
Jakarta Timur. INDONESIA. 13460
Telp. (021) 8660 3374 (hunting) Fax. (021) 8661 1303